Jacob Harer

Katie and I didn't meet really until almost the end of my junior year at Duke, but I certainly noticed her before that. It’s hard not to notice someone with such an infectious laugh, or with so bright a smile. I had to chase her for what seemed like an eternity, although to be truthful, it was only a few months. Eventually though I finally managed to convince her to go on a date with me. Boy was that worth the effort. The more time we spent together, the more I realized that those external features I was first attracted to were only the outer symptoms of a personality so extraordinarily energetic and full of life that it was quite enthusiastically bubbling out to the surface.


That revelation alone was certainly enough to pull me in, but to be truthful it was her love for God, her amazingly kind heart, and her adorably goofy side that have kept me around. I mean everyone loves to laugh, but when we would jump from a silly conversation, to a heated debate over how best to save the world, followed closely by a crazy adventure in some video game or another, I knew I had met my match.


It has been over four years since we first started dating, but to be honest it doesn't feel like it at all.  My time flies with Katie. However, I can certainly say with absolute confidence that I am ready and wildly excited to call her my wife, and to see what God has in store for us.



Katie Reichert

The first night of the 2010 women’s basketball Regionals in Memphis, TN, Jacob was being his usual silly, crazy self with other members of the Duke pep band, and I was so intrigued. I already knew he’d be really cool (I mean, he was the center snare of the Duke band, social chair of Chi Psi fraternity, engineering student extraordinaire, and overall hottie), but that weekend I found out that he was a great friend with a fearless sense of adventure, and I developed a ridiculous crush.  The last day of the trip when I knew I could really fall for him, so I got scared and hid in the public library and when we got back to Duke, I didn’t speak to him for months!


However, I am so blessed that he didn’t give up on me, and after a year of me refusing invitations to see his band, stalking him to the musicals he was working, running into each other after bonfires, a New Years Eve email, and an invitation to a semi-formal, we finally started dating!  Over the next four years, I got to see how incredibly sweet he was. He surprised me at the airport every time I came home from a med school interview, no matter how late it was.  He bought me roses, cooked me risotto, and took me on walks in the garden to talk about faith and God.  He took me to Disney movies and built slip-n-slides, and once programmed his computer to play a silly game from my childhood.  He became a part of my family on ski trips and Florida trips, and even moved across the country to cold New England to be with me.


In September, he asked me to marry him in the most amazing proposal ever (see below!), and made me the happiest girl on the planet.  So now, we are so excited that you will be joining us to celebrate love, commitment, and an amazing future together on September 26!  I can’t wait to marry him!!!




Grey Stone

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